In the dental lab, digital design and manufacturing increases productivity, and leads to more precise production, fewer remakes, and less time per unit; allowing us to provide our clients with better prices and faster services.


          Digital dentistry reduces the risks and uncertainties introduced by human factors, providing higher consistency, accuracy, and precision at every stage of the workflow. Intraoral digital impression scanning removes many of the variables associated with taking a traditional impression, giving technicians more accurate data to use for designs. Dental CAD software tools provide visual interfaces similar to traditional workflows, with the added benefits of being able to automate certain steps, as well as easily identify and fix mistakes. 

        CAD software includes tooth and implant libraries, and application-specific suites that simplify the design and planning of any restoration. Digital manufacturing equipment such as our milling machine delivers a range of high-quality custom products and appliances with superior fit and repeatable results.

          Probably the most common restorations associated with digital impression systems are zirconia crowns. The simultaneous data work flow of model manufacturing and substructure design and milling allows laboratories to have the substructure milled and ready for surface restoration by the time the model is printed or milled (generally within two days of the upload of the digital impression data).

          All of this makes for dental products with better fit, function, and clinical acceptance by the patient, with fewer errors and adjustments along the way.

          We look forward to providing you with the products and services you need to successfully perform your patients’ restorations in a timely matter.

          You can depend on Lehigh Acres Dental Laboratory to provide quality restorative care to your patients.