Dental Laboratory Policy



1. Payment is due in full upon receipt of the products, or within the credit terms approved by LADL.

2. LADL in its sole discretion can require all accounts to be COD until a credit application is completed, reviewed and approved.

3. Past due accounts shall bear an interest rate of 1.5% per month or maximum allowed by law, until the balance is paid in full.

4. LADL may refuse to accept new or complete existing orders on accounts with past due balances.

5. Accounts more than sixty (60) days past due will be subject to COD until the account is current. LADL may require a delinquent account holder to pay a deposit for existing or continuing orders.

6. LADL reserves the right to refuse to accept orders and/or terminate the agreement without notice. Following any termination, customer agrees to pay all outstanding balances, plus any reasonable attorney’s fees and costs associated with collecting the balance or monies owed.

7. Any credit must be applied to products and services within sixty (60) days of issuance

8. Returned checks will be assessed the maximum fee permitted by law plus any associated bank costs/fees.

9. Any use, sale, alteration or modification to the product or failure to timely notify and return the product to LADL within thirty (30) days of receipt of the item shall constitute acceptance of the product.

10. LADL reserves the right to cure or correct any defect before issuance of any credit or refund.

11. Each laboratory authorization procedure (prescription RX) constitutes a complete and separate transaction billed and collected.

12. The laws of the State of Florida will govern this transaction, and venue shall be in Lee County, Florida.


LADL relies on Doctors to provide the specifications for each case’s particular need. LADL warrants that all crowns and bridge products, and other devices will be constructed according to the prescribing doctor’s specifications (RX’s). 

LADL will repair or replace any product that fails due to defects in materials or workmanship, such as chipped or cracked product, within a period of one year from date of invoice.

LADL is not responsible for any additional costs or fees associated with adjustments, repairs and replacement of products. 



Impressions: The impressions taken from patients are of the most importance for LADL, because it is how a replica of the patience mouth structure (model), can be produced and be able to fit any manufactured product. In order to produce a model, we need the impression to be as good as possible and be able to see the margins perfectly clear. Our products will fit the model at 100%, in order for the product to fix at the same 100% rate, on the mouth, the impression needs to depict the original as perfectly as possible. 

We recommend for cases of bridges over 3 units, to use metal trays for the impressions, since this will avoid the possibility of bending said impressions.

Time is of the essence: In order to avoid products ‘not fitting’, LADL recommends the products go in the mouth at a time as close as possible to the time of the impression taken. The teeth as well as many other parts of the human body, move/shift with time (the longer it takes from the time the impression/model  made to the fitting of the product, the more possibility of the product ‘not fitting well’, because the ‘new’ mouth structure could be different.  

Preps: Any time the Doctor re-preps a site for a product, it changes the original site, and hence a new product will be needed since the mouth/impression/model will be different from the original prep. 

New Prep = New Product = New Charge


By accepting a return, LADL is not admitting fault. Because each product is custom, Doctor’s only remedy for a return is to elect either:

1) Re-make (re-mill*) or replacement of the product.  *fees will apply

2) Refund equal to the price charged (Credit).*  *to be used within 60 days.

Customer qualification for a Customer Remedy is limited to the following circumstances:

“Notification”: To qualify for replacement and/or refund, Customer must, within FIVE business days of delivery of the Product, notify LADL of the Qualifying Reason, with detail reasonably acceptable to LADL. (via e-mail or in writing with the return of the original product and its models) 

1. Qualifying Reason: Customer must specify a Qualifying Reason for return.

a. A Qualifying Reason would be an error on the part of LADL.

b. Any instance where the materials used for a product was different from the RX submitted to LADL. 

LADL’s Remake Policy will not apply to any account past due. LADL reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse accepting any new cases and processing remake cases until the balance is paid in full and the account is current.

2. Non-Qualifying Return. Customer is responsible for any issues due to:

a. Failure to comply with the “Notification” requirements above. Reason not specified in the notification and/or original product(s) not returned.

b. Failure to adhere to LADL Customer Guidelines.

c. Failure to select the appropriate material for the product. 

d. Failure to upload the correct file (Digital products).

e. Any and all other post-processing issues.

f. Failure to select the appropriate Shade or Re-prep, different from the original request.

g. The product fits the model, but does not fit in the mouth.

3. Specifically Excluded: In addition to any issues caused by Doctor’s failure to comply with the Customer Guidelines, LADL is not responsible for any post processing issues, practitioner insertion error, normal wear and tear including, without limitation, porcelain chipping or fractures, or Zirconia connector failures.

4. Re-Make/ Re-Order: LADL is pleased to re-make the case upon notification from the Customer, either using original specifications or using revised specifications submitted to LADL. LADL will bill per usual for the replacement case, and may issue a credit refund for the original case only in such instances as LADL finds that the Product meets one of the Qualifying Reasons (defined above). For each Product, the decision whether to repair or replace will be at LADL sole discretion.

5. Refund Process: If LADL’s quality control team finds the issue was caused by LADL, the affected Product cost will be refunded to Customer as a credit. 

LADL can amend the remake policy at its sole discretion and without prior notice.